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The Impact of Green Marketing on the Purchasing Behaviour of Students in GhanaAmoako, G.K.; Baffoe, D.14-Jun-2016
Towards the Development of a Scale for Consciousness for Fair ConsumptionPeyer, M.; Balderjahn, I.; Paulssen, M.14-Jun-2016
The Influence of Perceived Value and Personal Values on Ethical Consumption: The Case of Fairtrade ProductsLedden, L.; Boadi, T.; Kalafatis, S.; Springdal, K.; Καλαφάτης, Σ.13-Jun-2016
Consumer Support for CSR: A Case of Urban Educated Youth of PakistanGhani, U.13-Jun-2016
The Semiotics of Anti-ConsumptionEpure, M.; Bondrea, A. A.13-Jun-2016
Promoting Ethical Actions against Unethical HotelsDelistavrou, A.; Tilikidou, I.; Sarmantiotis, C.; Gounas, A.; Δελησταύρου, Α.; Τηλικίδου, Ειρήνη; Σαρμανιώτης, Χρήστος; Γούνας, Α.13-Jun-2016
The Role of Internet in the Promotion of Agri-food Enterprises: E-Marketing, Management and Organizational FunctionsTsekouropoulos, G.; Andreopoulou, Z.; Koliouska, C.; Katsonis, N.; Vatis, S.-E.; Τσεκουρόπουλος, Γεώργιος; Ανδρεοπούλου, Ζαχαρούλα; Κατσώνης, Νικόλαος; Βατής,13-Jun-2016
Information Privacy and Security Considerations in Internet Marketing ResearchTsiakis, T.; Kargidis, T.; Belidis, A.; Τσιάκης, Θεοδόσιος; Καργίδης, Θεόδωρος; Μπελίδης, Αθανάσιος13-Jun-2016
A Marketing Road Map towards Online Casinos: From Compliance to Implementation in GreeceSarakintsis, P.; Vlachopoulou, M.; Σαρακιντσής, Π; Βλαχοπούλου, Μ.13-Jun-2016
Marketing of Tourism E-Services in the New EconomyPaschaloudis, D.; Tsourela, M.; Πασχαλούδης, Δημήτριος; Τσουρέλα, Μαρία13-Jun-2016
Measuring the Effectiveness of Group Buying CouponsChristopoulou, I.; Apostolatos, T.; Drossos, D.; Kokkinaki, F.; Χριστοπούλου, Ειρήνη; Αποστολάτος, Θοδωρής; Δρόσος, Δημήτριος; Κοκκινάκη, Φλώρα13-Jun-2016
How Important are Web-Site Attributes in E-Retailing?Bozbay, Z.13-Jun-2016
A Roadmap to Mobile Augmented RealityBarbatsalou, K.; Fekas, D.; Drossos, D.; Μπαρμπατσάλου, Κωνσταντία; Φέκας, Δημήτριος; Δρόσος, Δημήτριος13-Jun-2016
Response to a PR Crisis in the Age of Social Media: a Case Study ApproachZamani, E. D.; Kasimati, A. E; Giaglis, G. M.; Ζαμάνη, Ευπραξία; Κασιμάτη, Α.Ε.; Γιαγκλής, Γεώργιος13-Jun-2016
Teenagers and Social Media: The Effect of Personality, Brand Loyalty and Peer Group PressureVlachopoulou, E.; Boutsouki, C.; Chatzithomas, L.; Bλαχοπούλου, Έλλη; Μπουτσούκη, Χριστίνα; Χατζηθωμάς, Λ.13-Jun-2016
Tourism Destination Image (TDI) on the FringeSzamosi, L.T.; Papadopoulos, N.; Elliot, S.; Silagava, N.; Παπαδόπουλος, Ν.10-Jun-2016
Contemporary Business Communication in Social Media: An Analysis of the Objectives of Business Communication MessagesŠuminas, A.10-Jun-2016
From Interculturality to Meta-Globalized Migrated Societies. The New Social Media AspectsPissalidis, B.; Πισσαλίδης, Β.2-Jun-2016
Insights on the Social Media Uptake by Retail Banks in the South-East EuropeMitic, M.; Kapoulas, A.; Καπουλάς, Α.1-Jun-2016
Social Media Campaigning by Candidates in the 2010 Greek Municipal ElectionsLappas, G.; Triantafillidou, A.; Yannas, P.; Λάππας, Γ.; Τριανταφυλλίδου, Α.; Γιαννάς, Π.1-Jun-2016