Rules Customization: Correlation with Trust and Communication within the Tacit Knowledge Transfer Mechanism (Conference presentation)

Papadopoulos, P./ Avdimiotis, S./ Παπαδόπουλος, Π./ Αβδιμιώτης. Σ.

It is widely accepted, that tacit knowledge is the cornerstone of businesses intellectual capital capacity, productivity and success, while many researchers argue that the competitive advantage of any company will not remain, if this solely depends, on explicit knowledge only. The basis of all knowledge is the tacit one and the efficient performance of the organization is strongly and positively correlated with efficient transfer and use of tacit knowledge. The aim of this paper is to focus on the tacit knowledge transfer among the individuals and group members employed in a hotel and highlight the value of customized rules and developed routines. The starting point is Nonaka’s SECI model and more especially the stages of Socialization and Externalization. The primary scientific question is to acknowledge the mechanisms of transfer in those two stages, where personal tacit knowledge becomes explicit. The model designates thoroughly the process, but it doesn’t outline how this process will be realized. According to Polanyi (1962) tacit knowledge cannot be easily transferred, simply because “We know more than we can tell”. The contribution to knowledge of this paper is the use of customizes rules, which will allow the experiences members of the organization to develop personal routines which be more easily observed by the less experience ones. The scientific foundations of rules customization is fuzzy logic, a technique which will allow adjusting rules boundaries with the experience level of each employee.
Institution and School/Department of submitter: Σχολή Διοίκησης και Οικονομίας / Τμήμα Διοίκησης Επιχειρήσεων
Keywords: Tacit Knowledge Transfer;Customized Rules;SECI model;Fuzzy Logic;Σιωπηρή μεταφοράς γνώσης;Προσαρμοσμένοι κανόνες;Μοντέλο SECI;Ασαφής λογική
Citation: International Conference on Contemporary Marketing Issues (ICCMI) 13 – 15 June 2012 Thessaloniki, Greece
Description: Άρθρο Συνεδρίου--ΑΤΕΙΘ, 2012
Publisher: Alexander Technological Educational Institute (ATEI) of Thessaloniki, Department of Marketing
Bucks New University
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