The Impact of e-CRM Features in Websites on Marketing Communication: Evidence from the 500 Largest Greek Companies (Conference presentation)

Papaioannou, E./ Assimakopoulos, C./ Sarmaniotis, C./ Georgiadis, C.K./ Παπαιωάννου, Ε./ Ασσημακόπουλος, Χ./ Σαρμανιώτης, Χ./ Γεωργιάδης, Χ.Κ

In this study the 500 largest Greek companies are examined concerning their websites as marketing communication channels. Features of the websites are checked and the most important features are categorized. Companies’ characteristics are analyzed and connected to the business activities of the firms. Simultaneously, the companies are segmented using two-step cluster analysis and hence the profiles of the clusters are presented. The findings indicate that Greek firms mostly adopt phone number, email, fax, as an electronic mean of communication, while web form is used as a means to obtain customers information and complains. The majority of Greek companies do not use the modern feedback mechanisms and they do not take advantage of them in communicating with customers and building relationships with them. Only a small minority of firms surveyed have exploited the web as a marketing communication tool. Therefore, there is enough space for improvement.
Institution and School/Department of submitter: Σχολή Διοίκησης και Οικονομίας / Τμήμα Διοίκησης Επιχειρήσεων
Keywords: e-CRM features;Μarketing communication;Ιnternet technology;Ε-commerce;e-CRM χαρακτηριστικά;Μάρκετινγκ επικοινωνίας;Τεχνολογία ίντερνετ;Ε-εμπόριο
Citation: International Conference on Contemporary Marketing Issues (ICCMI) 13 – 15 June 2012 Thessaloniki, Greece
Description: Άρθρο Συνεδρίου--ΑΤΕΙΘ, 2012
Publisher: Alexander Technological Educational Institute (ATEI) of Thessaloniki, Department of Marketing
Bucks New University
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