cc-IFF : a cascading citations impact factor framework for the automatic ranking of research publications

Dervos, Dimitrios/ Kalkanis,Thomas/ Καλκάνης, Θωμάς/ Δέρβος, Δημήτριος

Institution and School/Department of submitter: ΤΕΙ Θεσσαλονίκης
Keywords: Quantitative analysis;Impact Factors (Bibliometrics);Παράγοντες επιρροής (Βιβλιομετρία);Στατιστική βιβλιογραφία;Βιβλιογραφία--Στατιστικές μέθοδοι;Ποσοτική ανάλυση;Βιβλιογραφικός έλεγχος;Ανάλυση δεδομένων (Ποσοτική έρευνα);Bibliographical references;Statistical bibliography;Γράφημα αναφορών;Στατιστική ανάλυση;Data analysis (Quantitative research);Bibliographical control;Statistical analysis;Citations graph;Βιβλιογραφικές παραπομπές;Bibliography--Statistical methods
Issue Date: 9-Apr-2006
Citation: Intelligent Data Acquisition and Advanced Computing Systems: Technology and Applications, Sofia, 2005
Abstract: A new framework is proposed for the calculation of impact factor ratings of research publications. Given a collection of research articles, the corresponding citations graph is constructed in the form of a relational table. The impact value is considered at the article level, and is calculated by considering not only the citations made directly to an article, but also citations made to the corresponding citing article(s). In this respect, an improved algorithm is utilized, namely one that traverses all the threads in the citations graph, in an attempt to improve the degree of fairness in assigning credit for the impact value of each one article. When two articles have an equal number of (direct) citations, the one that has triggered more research activity (i.e. its citing articles attract a larger number of citations at subsequent levels in the citations graph) is assigned a higher impact value and, consequently, is ranked to be better
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